Osmocote Plus

The Only Patterned Release Fertilizer

   Jan 22

Osmocote® Fertilizers Range

Scotts company has over the decades invested hugely in research and innovations to refine and improve its Osmocote® technology. It has created new coatings, included controlled release micronutrients and also evolved Patterned Nutrient Release Technology™, all of which help to deliver maximum plant nutrition.

Complete range of Osmocote® fertilizers for your greenhouse or nursery needs:

  • Patterned Nutrient Release Fertilizers

    • Osmocote® Plus

      1. Hi-Start®
      2. Standard®
      3. Lo-Start®
  • Controlled Release Fertilizers

    • Osmocote® Pro

    • Osmocote® Classic

    • Osmocote® Bloom